The Trophy – A Symbol of succes.

In the corporate world, success is most often measured by the size of the paycheck. But that is hard to show off to your friends.  An award on the other hand is a tangible asset that is evidence that somebody recognized your greatness. It can sit on your shelf or wall as a symbol of accomplishment.

Money fades away, certificates get filed, but a solid corporate award will be displayed proudly for many years to come. Smart companies have great recognition programs that recognize achievement of specific targeted goals.

The Benefits of a Custom Award Program
• Make a Significant Impact: A one-of-a-kind gift is memorable and strikes a chord with the intended recipient, providing them with that extra-special feeling of knowing the award was specially crafted for the occasion.
• Increase the Value and Prestige: An award is the symbolic representation of the achievement being celebrated. Creating a custom piece adds additional meaning and makes it more personal.
• Save Time and Give the Perfect Award: Rather than searching through catalogs to find an item to satisfy all your requirements, let us create the piece to your exact specifications right from the start.
• Increase Brand Loyalty: Giving an award that is designed specifically for your brand based on your mission, vision, and values increases alignment and brand loyalty with both employees and clients.