Tombstones: CBH Crystal Plaque Colour decoration

Financial Tombstones: CBH Crystal Plaque Colour decoration
This Financial Tombstone is made of 20 mm thick Crystal. This material requires skill to grind, polish and bevel. It is completely handmade by skilled craftsmen in our studio in Laren, the Netherlands. The design is made exclusively for this request. Custom made at its best! Dutch design, exclusive material, limited edition.

The decoration is sandblasted and filled-in with colored lacquer.

DESIGN: Ronald van de Grift
CLIENT: CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA
DIMENSIONS:  200x80x20 mm (LxWxH)

The Benefits of a Custom Award Program
• Make a Significant Impact: A one-of-a-kind gift is memorable and strikes a chord with the intended recipient, providing them with that extra-special feeling of knowing the award was specially crafted for the occasion.
• Increase the Value and Prestige: An award is the symbolic representation of the achievement being celebrated. Creating a custom piece adds additional meaning and makes it more personal.
• Save Time and Give the Perfect Award: Rather than searching through catalogs to find an item to satisfy all your requirements, let us create the piece to your exact specifications right from the start.
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